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Beginning Insanity

Most people have heard of the BeachBody program called Insanity.  It’s a 63-day program, lead by instructor Shaun T.  There is a scheduled rest day every 7 days, but the other 6 days have workouts ranging from plyometrics, cardio, abs, or some combination thereof.  There are scheduled fit tests every 2 weeks.  It can be pretty brutal, in my opinion.

So far, I completed the first fit test.  This was a series of 8 exercises.  I had to perform each for 1 minute and count how many times I completed the exercise.  here are my results:

  • Switch kicks – 50
  • Power jacks – 31
  • Power knees – 63
  • Power jumps – 20
  • Globe jumps – 5
  • Suicide jumps – 15
  • Push-up jacks – 4
  • Low plank obliques – 45

I have also completed the first 2 workouts – Plyometric Cardio Circuit and Cardio Power & Resistance.  I definitely felt the “burn” afterward.  I wasn’t able to keep up with either workout completely, but since most of the moves were kind of new to me, I figure it’s ok.  During the workouts, Shaun emphasizes taking breaks when you need them and not over-doing it beyond your ability.  I appreciate that.  He builds in 30-second water breaks at the end of each interval, which is also useful.  I also like the fact that although the people participating in the DVD are very fit and can keep up with him for the most part, some of them struggle (or at least they act like they are struggling).

A few of my friends have completed this program.  I’m looking forward to seeing the results.  Besides, I think it will help me stay on track throughout the holidays and up to January 17.  A friend of mine at work is also doing the program with me.  I’m hoping we can keep each other motivated and accountable.


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