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I have been reading Amanda Brooks’ blog @ Run to the Finish for several months now.  Her posts are insightful, funny, and make me feel as though we are just hanging out.  She runs BestFoot challenges during the year.  I haven’t done any of them so far, but I liked the one for January 2013 – Golden Mornings.


The challenge is to spend the first 5 minutes of each day in contemplation – mediation, affirming, free writing, whatever – as long as you connect to yourself.  I usually spend my mornings rushing around because I have overslept or because the girls aren’t moving fast enough (because I overslept).  I bought a small notebook and will leave it by my bed so that I can do this challenge as soon as I wake up.  Instead of hitting snooze 6 times, I will only hit it 5 (grin).

I’m looking forward to this challenge.  Mainly because I am going to tie it in to her One Word for the Year.  My word for the year is Patience.

word image

My family will tell you that I am not a very patient person.  I want things to be done NOW and I am too quick to jump to conclusions.  I need to stop and think before I react.  I need to realize that results will come.  Things can’t always come when I want them.

My lack of patience affects more than just me.  It affects my husband and my kids.  It affects my job, my workouts, and my health.  My lack of patience causes stress, which ends up spiraling into other things.  I’m hoping that by focusing on being more patient this year things can improve in my life.

What’s Your Word?


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